Functions of Management

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Management is defined as the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals (Thomas S. Bateman, Scott A. Snell, 2007). This is a broad description that does not fully define function of management. To successfully manage people or resources there are different factors to take into account and focus on. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are four traditional functions of management that are all equally important to management success.

PlanningPlanning is the beginning stage of management and the where ideas are formed on how to proceed with goals and agendas. Upper-level management of an organization is usually responsible for the forming of ideas and decisions that will affect subordinates, stockholders, and customers. The planning phase encompasses deciding what goals are to be met and how to achieve those goals. Looking at current resources, brainstorming over strategies, attempting to foresee results of goals are just a few aspects of the planning process that occur and create the foundation for success.

Planning doesn't just occur at high levels of management, it can also be seen the employee to supervisor relationship. A supervisor might approach an employee during a year end review to discuss job performance. After discussing the year in review, the supervisor might as the employee how to they will improve on performance in the following year. The employee and supervisor will need to create a plan to achieve a long term goal. This plan will include what the objective is and what path will be lead to successful completion of the goal.

My company is currently planning to have a cookout this spring. They are currently in the planning stage. The budget analysis is being consulted to see how much money we have available to purchase everything needed for the cookout. A party committee was formed...