The Future Security Environment in the Middle East

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The Future Security Environment in the Middle East

The future trend of security issue in the Middle East has shaped into regional environment by many different forces such as fears of interstate aggression, Arab-Israeli conflict, Weapons of mass destruction (WMD), terrorists, social change, economic problems, and new information technologies. These forces influence U.S. national interest and create some potential threats to these interests.

There are six reasons that cause US has a great interesting in the Middle East's security environment. First of all, American worries about the terrorism because Al Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups recruit their members in the Middle East. Second, US wants to control the use of WMD in the Middle East due to these weapons would threat US partners in the Gulf and the US security guarantee. Third, US wishes that countries in the Middle East could maintain stable oil supplies and prices because the major oil exporters are in the Middle East.

Fourth, because of large oil reserves, US wants to ensure the stability of friendly regimes in the Middle East, so US could have cooperation with other countries in the Middle East. Fifth, US would like to find a long-term solution to reduce Arab-Israeli conflict, for Israeli is an important region in the Middle East and also is one of largest oil exporter. Finally, US promotes democracy and human rights in the Middle East region, but many supports in US believe their government support democracy and human rights to defend its government strategic interest.

Moreover, there are some potential threats to US interests which include external aggression, terrorism, and internal unrest. External aggression such as Arab-Israeli war, Iranian and Iraqi attacks, Iraqi and Kuwait's conflict, and Iranian and Iraqi WMD programs has a great danger to regional security environment in the...