Gallipol: ANZAC, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

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The text I have chosen on Gallipoli is on the internet. The sight is in the World War One - The Gallipoli Campaign- The birth of Australian Identity separated from Britain.

This text explains when we went to Gallipoli and why. This is a very interesting text for anyone that is interested in history and the First World War. In the first few paragraphs there is an overview of why Australians ended up on the shores of Gallipoli in 1915 and why so many Anzac men died.

The text gives the details about the involvement of the Australian and New Zealand troops in the plans of invading Gallipoli. It tells a story about how many young soldiers lost their lives even before they could cross the beach to safety.

The text tells how so many soldiers died and the serious injuries that they suffered. It shows us how the soldiers had to survive in appalling health conditions and even worse living conditions.

There are also stories from the soldiers that did survive about their ordeal living in trenches and how they suffered scurvy and sores because of a poor diet.

It tells how the Australian Prime Minister William M. HUGHES pledged his full support to Britain but failed to obtain referendum approval for conscription. And how the Allies of Britain including Australia and New Zealand had hastily assembled a force of 78,000 men and dispatched them from England and Egypt to Gallipoli.

It tells how before the troops went to Gallipoli wars were fought with small numbers of men on each side. As a result, though the deaths of the soldiers were mourned by their families, the country as a whole rarely worried about the number that had died. It explains how the soldiers were volunteers and...