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Yan, Sze Wai (Christine)


Aubrey & Denise - Class 44

Recently, gambling has become popular pastime because there are different types of gambling that attract many people, including lottery, cards games and others. For example, Macau thrives because of Hong Kong people who rush to Macau's casino every weekend. Gambling can bring some hope into their lives when people win bets. However, gambling becomes a problem at some of the effects on individual and society, including negative effect on health, relationship, economy and security. It will also suggest that self-control, family support, recovery program and education are some solutions to the problem.

Gambling can become a serious problem. First of all, it would be harmful to psychological health. People gamble for fun at the very beginning. But unfortunately, most people end up as loser. They may suffer financial stress and it brings to health-related problem gamblers. "Personal costs can include irritability, extreme moodiness, problems with personal relationships (including divorce), absenteeism from work, family neglect, and bankruptcy. There can also be adverse health consequences for both the gambler and their partner including depression, insomnia, intestinal disorders, migraines, and other stress-related disorders." (Lorenz &Yaffee, 1988, p.40-45).

Also, it can lead to suicide in the worst case. Relationships Australia Queensland found that 20.3 percent of gamblers experienced anxiety and depression in 1998. (Banks & Fitzgerald, 1999, p.7.23) Moreover, it also raised many family problems. When gamblers lose, they hide their problem to their family. When the problem is disclosed, trust between family members would be broken, so that many marriages end in divorce. Also, problem gamblers usually ignore their children because they have no time and effort to take care of them, they may respond to this relationship by feeling abandoned. Furthermore, their children live in a loss of secure financial environment.