Gaming Culture: Evolution of Rules

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Marina Ballesteros

Our world is growing through technology and the ways on how we relate to people is swiftly changing. Technology has opened our world to infinite possibilities that allow us to reimagine things. We've changed the way we share and receive information. Consequently, our sources of entertainment and recreation have developed and expanded. Before the computer was invented, there were a limited number of things you could do to entertain yourself when you couldn't go out. There were parlor games that would require people to physically execute their actions. And all these activities evolved when the age of computers came. The computer and internet opened doors to virtual worlds wherein actions were simply done through a series of clicks. This gave birth to a new type of culture where people connect with each other online and spend their time playing shooter, strategy, and massive multiplayer games.

There was confusion as a result of the emergence of this culture.

People took advantage of the freedom the virtual world gave and abused others. The line between what could and could not be done was unclear. Therefore, the tendency of people to do succumb to the temptations this freedom gave was not controlled. Scams, account theft, and cyber bullying are one of the many examples of the evils that can be encountered through online gaming. Because there was new technology that allowed people to buy items in-game, many who were not informed correctly or were wrongly persuaded by others trusted unauthorized people to take their money. Accounts were stolen due to false promises of characters gaining special experience or rare items in a game. And of course, people went overboard with cursing out their opponents and all those they deemed below their level because there wasn't any other person who saw them.