Gammers, violence, Children and TV Violence.

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Gamers, Violence, Children and TV Violence

The subject of violence in the media has really got me thinking. It is hard for me to understand how violent games and movies can effect a kid's actions. I can see a kid pretending to be a superhero and trying to save the world from an evil villain. What I can't see is how some kids think it's okay to go shoot somebody because they saw it on T.V. They have to know the line between what is real and just pretending.

I grew up in an environment where I was able to play games on Nintendo, but I wasn't allowed to watch violent movies. I knew the difference from a Nintendo game and real life. I also knew the difference from movies to real life, but my parents still didn't want me to see inappropriate movies, which is understandable. I think the most important thing growing up was my constant surrounding of guns and weapons.

My parents didn't hide guns and make me curious about them. Instead they had them laying around where I knew where they were. This may sound careless but it is the exact opposite.

My dad has always been a hunter, and he got that from his dad. So as soon as I was old enough to walk, I have been on hunting trips with my dad. I was way to young to hunt or even shoot a BB gun, but I was still in the environment. When I did get older, I was given a BB gun. That right there taught me the respect for any gun. My dad showed me everything from gun safety to killing my first bird. As I got older I moved up to a pellet gun, then a 22 riffle,