The Gaps of Generations

Essay by owen_kane May 2004

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The Gaps of Generation

"Yeah, and don't try and dig what we all say. Talkin' 'bout my generation." This is a quote from the song "My Generation" this version was done by oasis. The gaps that will be explained are during 1970 though to 2000 and are technology, education and the gaps of different counties during these times.

The first gap I will talk about is the gap between technology. One of the most important change is the gap between computers. In 1970 only big businesses had them, but now most people have at least one computer in their house. Computers are also smaller, smarter and can do more things then they used to be able to do. Another gap in technology is telephones. As the same with computers phone are smaller, smarter, and can do more thing than they used to be able to do. Also most people have Cell Phones now.

Another gap is the gap between education. School today is least strict than back in 1970. For example, in 1970 teacher were aloud to hit the student if they broke the rules. Also, they were stricter on what you were aloud to wear. A similarity is the grades haven't changed. There is still Elementary, Middle, and High School.

The last gap is not only in time but also space. The space is between two different countries, which are Scotland, and America. The two countries have changed over the years but they all have things similar and different things. For example, schools are different in the two of them. Also, children in Scotland have some more freedoms than people in L.A. in America. For instance, in Scotland parents don't need to worry about gangs. While in L.A. parents never used to worry about gangs in...