In the Garden of the North American Martyers in Terms of the Good by Aristotle

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essay is my interpretation of what the good is for each character in this short story. I feel at times the main character Mary in the story In the Garden of the North American Martyrs that her good shifts at points in the story. During the first few paragraphs of this story, Mary is described as a careful person who has no intention on doing anything to risk her job. She kept to herself it was said and always planned her lectures beforehand careful to not say anything that would risk her teaching job. At this point, I think she must have been living somewhat of a contemplative life fore she is a teacher who has had education, with education comes intelligence, and with intelligence comes the ability to have good judgment in the areas she has studied. She also had a good of honor. She highly respected the institution in which she worked and felt it necessary to be a straight arrow in order to succeed and to respectably represent the school in which she worked and so I would say it must have been political also fore her school had its ways and one must conform in order to succeed.

It is hard at this point to figure out what her aim is. For most, it is happiness I have read. People have different ideas of what brings happiness and what happiness means. For Mary though I sensed no sort of happiness in the beginning of this story. It is as if she was thinking her lectures out thoroughly but was not able to shine or let her own ideas be known for fear of losing her job. Her thoughts were described as growing faint as time moved on. Therefore, I think that she would be losing a...