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Andrea Buestán Sevilla

Differences between Upper and Lower Class

People belong to different societies. Obviously, they are humans, and they have the principal requirements that everybody has, including feel recognized, be a part of a group, and everyone wishes be happy. By contrast, they have some marked differences that money could provide such as, in lifestyles, relationships, and the way of happiness. Nevertheless, the upper and lower class have some important differences.

One important difference is lifestyle. The Upper class have fancy houses, enormous gardens with beautiful roses and lilies, they have a tennis court, and big places inside the house, For example Laura run to answer the phone, "over the lawn, up the path, up the steps, across the veranda, and into the porch."(61). The lower class have small houses with enough things to live, for instance when Laura followed the little woman "She found herself in a wretched little low kitchen, lighted by a smoky lamp "(73). Also the upper class wear an elegant dresses to show that they have money and are important, by contrast the lower class don't need to apparent nothing, their dresses are simple and comfortable.

Another difference between the upper and the lower class are the relationships, in upper class is common the fake, intolerant, discriminated comments, it happens when Kitty Maitland said: "aren't they too like frogs for words? You ought to have arranged them round the pond with the conductor in the middle on a leaf" (69). Upper class has nothing to say about that kind of thing because they don't want to be exclude from this circles. On the other hand the lower class is more humble in their relationships they have an honest, not superficial relations, they try the people with education, like in...