General Robert Edward Lee. This essay is about the life of one of the most respected generals of all time. This paper explains how general Lee responded to many things during the civil war.

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Robert Edward Lee

Lee is a gentleman, an honorable man, and a religious man with considerable patience. Optimistic and idealistic, he believes his men can do anything. Lee was one of the most beloved men in the American south. He is soft-spoken and cares about his men, but will use them for the cause. He believes deeply in God and feels God controls every outcome. The Lee comes across as enthusiast, blindly going forward in spite of the possible better advice of Longstreet's more modern tactics and others. While Lee was a strong commander who didn't hesitate in his decisions, casting him as unyielding and passionate may not be totally accurate. Even within this story, Lee struggles with decisions and considers all possibilities before picking a course of action. Throughout this battle, Lee constantly rethinks his plans to counteract changes in circumstances, errors made by his commanders, or his orders being disobeyed.

He is not firmly attached to any plan if another will better accomplish his goal. Lee is a risk-taker, makes risky and daring decisions. The North can outlast him in men and supplies. Also, his heart problems show up in the story, which will one day kill him and are a reminder that he may not last the war. He will not pass up the fight at Gettysburg if at all possible and not retreat. I even read somewhere that historians speculate he had a mild heart attack during the battle of Gettysburg. Virginia is Lee's main concern. Virginia represents the Confederacy to him, and He fights on the confederacy side since his home state of Virginia choose to succeed from the Union. He is more of an offensive leader and doesn't favor defensive positions. His command style is loose, as he trusts his men to execute...