Genetic Testing

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If I was Priya, I would take the test and find out if I have the Huntington's disease or not because I won't have regret later in life that I didn't take the test. In addition, I can plan my future if I have the disease. If I don't take the test, I would worry and stress out every single day for the rest of my life. I wouldn't be able to sleep, eat, and go outside and live my life. The result will have positive and negative impacts on my but at least I know my fate and I can plan my future.

Positive Impacts

There are many potential benefits which can arise as a result of genetic testing. For example, if I am identified as carrying potentially harmful genetic alterations, I can receive regular medical check-ups and be eligible for screening to enable early detection of cancer (although these options are also available to me who have not been tested but who do have a strong family history of cancer); I may also choose to undergo preventative surgery.

This can potentially lead to a reduction in cancer incidence and mortality.

In addition, according to the article, it says "she thinks that if she could find out once and for all whether she will get the disease, she could plan for her future." I would plan my future if I had the disease just like Priya if she takes the test. If I am found not to carry a harmful gene alteration which is known to run in my family, I may feel less anxious and would have a better quality of life. I may also benefit from the knowledge that they have not passed a gene alteration on to my children. Also, because such individuals like...