George Eliot's Influential Life

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Throughout one's lifespan, his/her behaviours, beliefs and living styles continuously change due the experiences that one has in his/her life. There are many times when individuals believe it is necessary to address the public regarding one's feeling of life. However, before the introduction of motion pictures, literature was the main form of medium in which people articulated their ideas in the 19th century. It was through this form of expression where Mary Ann Evans presented her moral vision of life. The novel, "Silas Marner" written by George Eliot (Mary's pen-name), and concepts presented within were heavily influenced by her traumatic life through isolation and depression, love of families, and the experiences of loss and recovery.

Mary experienced and documented many downfalls in her life, as she was frequently isolated which led to her vast depression. During her childhood, not only was she neglected by her mother due to her plain appearance, she was also sent to a boarding school in Coventry.

At the boarding school, she was segregated by fellow classmates as she was not part of "the group". Moreover, through the many nights Mary spent living there, she constantly felt cold and afraid of the dark - a sign of insecurity (George Eliot). The death of her mother and father only put Mary into a greater depression; concentrating on her journals and other literary works was the only method through which she attempted to "forget" the pain (Emery, Laura). The journals, which were later published as books, deeply revealed Mary's emotions. For example, in the book Silas Marner, Silas stated that "... the past becomes dreamy because its symbols have all vanished, and the present too is dreamy because it is linked with no memories" (Eliot 22). It was due to the accusation of stealing church's money that caused...