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George Lucas You wouldn't expect him to become what he is today from his early days. Fascinated by comics and bored with out of date teaching methods George didn't do well in school. George found his excitement in car racing. His love of racing was abruptly stopped when he was nearly killed in an accident on the racetrack. It was there as he lie in his hospital bed he realized what he wanted to do with his life.

George Lucas was born in Modesto, California on May 14, 1944. He then grew up to attend Southern California University on a scholarship that allowed him to work with acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola. Together they produced THX-1138, which was based upon a futuristic society. The movie was a flop and Lucas was afraid he would never become famous. In 1971 George started Lucasfilm Ltd, and produced hit movies like American Graffiti, the Starwars trilogy, the Indiana Jones chronicles, Howard the Duck, and the most recent, The Phantom Menace (Starwars).

Though the movies were huge moneymakers (especially Starwars), George Lucas never was given an award for his talents. His production company has raised the bar for the quality of movies since 1971. He has definitely changed the way movies are made and has become one of the most famous directors of science fiction of our generation.

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