George Lucas - What themes does he deal with?, What influence has his personal life had on his work? and What is the significance of his work in today's society?

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George Lucas is one of the most well known people in the world. He is the man who created the Star Wars saga and Indiana Jones trilogy. From blasting into space past planets and galaxies, to going through the desert to find the lost arc, George Lucas has captured millions of people's imaginations across the world. I have chosen to study George Lucas because I am one of those millions of people whose imagination has been captured by his work. The three questions I have chosen to study are: What themes does George Lucas deal with? What influence has George Lucas' personal history had on his work? and What is the significance of George Lucas' work in today's society?

What themes does George Lucas deal with?

By watching all six of the Star Wars and all three of the Indiana Jones movies, reading biographies on his life such as Pocket Essentials Film Guide, George Lucas and looking at various internet sites, I have picked up on some of the main themes that Lucas tries to convey.

Lucas deals with the themes of rebellion and good and evil. I have found that evil is a strong factor in all of George Lucas' films. The first being THX1138, this is a story of two people called THX and LUH who live in a futuristic world with an omnipresent, omniscient superpower who watches and controls everybody's every move. This superpower tell all the people it his world that "they are all one" and that they are "made in the image of man, by the masses for the masses". From the research that I have gathered I can see that this is a prime example of evil that is repeated in George Lucas' films. Another example of evil that is in Lucas' films is...