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You can do better (Wallace 1)! That sounds familiar huh? I bet it does. Perhaps you would know what I'm talking about if I were to say George Wallace. Or maybe you've never read his dissertation on that subject. Possibly you heard it before from your mom, the preacher, your fourth grade teacher, your high school mentor, personally from you senator, and or even from Mr. Kentor; whoever the hell that may be. But any way what I'm saying is that we've all heard it, and it seems as if every one says it so it just has to be true. Well for one I think it is. Matters of fact forget that, because I know it is. Like Mr. Wallace basically said there's no limit to perfecting something it is a non ending process; therefore you can always do better. The dilemma is not the question of whether you can do better, but its how can I do better.

Just ask yourself that, and only then will you have taken the first step towards a more productive and happier life.

It seems "like every one and they momma" has told me I can do better; however no one has ever told me I can't. Unless you surround yourself with the most negative people in the world, the chances of you hearing you can do better to you can't is "four hundred quadrillion billion zillion hundred thousand and fifty seven infinities to one." That's a good thing; actually that's a great thing. Like I said this means that it has to be true. I mean really what is the chance that is a lie, when almost everyone in the world says it. Slim to none right? George Wallace surely seems to think so.

Like I said previously, Mr. Wallace...