German Culture

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German Culture

The lack of understanding other cultures can lead to severe aggression among various cultures. The German culture has had a rough past but with an understanding of their lifestyles, eating habits, healthcare, education, and recreation other cultures may view them differently.

Living and daily life are very similar to the way of life we cherish in the United States, although there are a few differences. Most Germans live in cities or towns. Cities are comprised of mainly rented apartments, where as farms consist of part-time farmers who work just enough to supplement fresh food for their families and to gain income. Germans have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Germany's once leisurely society has changed drastically in the past few years to a much faster paced one. They answer the phone by stating their first names. Placing one's feet on furniture is considered insulting.

Relationships vary considerably between the north and south. The norths are easygoing and good natured where as the south are lively and excitable. Most Germans are seen as serious and aloof. Children are taught to be polite from a very young age. Women just recently received legal equality with men even though men still receive higher salaries. Clothing consists of mainly western-style. Although at festivals much more traditional attire is appropriate (Hoehner 4, 5). Marriage in Germany is differs a little than that of the U.S. Households are made up of man and wife and may or may not have children. The divorce rate is rising considerably. Homosexuality is also on the rise. There is a sense of a certain neatness or formality to behavior in everyday life. It is always proper to shake hands with guests (Ember 859, 861). It is proper for a man to wait for a...