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Gilgamesh Central Themes - The importance of friendship is shown in this story. Gilgamesh is a king that seems to have everything, but he feels that something is missing. Only when he meets Enkidu that he realizes that friendship filled the void in his life. Another important theme shown in this story is coping with loss. After Enkidu's death, he questions his own life and his wrongdoings, and seeks immortality. He then realizes that the only way to achieve true immortality is to remember Enkidu's friendship.

Universal Appeal - Everyone understands the importance of friendship, but Gilgamesh emphasizes that friendship is the cornerstone of true happiness. The story of a king whose life is completely changed by a friendship helps the reader understand the power behind a good friend. When Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh is heartbroken. Many people can relate to Gilgamesh at this point of the story because everyone has suffered a loss of a close relative or a friend at some point in their lives.

This helps the reader to understand that death is inevitable and you must learn to cope with death at some point in your life.

Time and Place - The interpretation of dreams was very important in ancient Sumer. This is an important aspect in this story because the Gilgamesh's dreams help him throughout his journey. Gilgamesh's mother interprets Gilgamesh's dream and this allows the king to have a successful journey.