"The Giver" by Louis Lowery.

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Have you ever felt the same, like the world was perfect? In the book "The Giver", you will come to find that life is a utopia to many people in that community. This book is about finding inner pain, emotions of love and compassion, and following your heart. It shows that following your dreams may come true.

There are many themes in "The Giver". Some of these themes are memory, the

relationship involving pain and pleasure, and the importance of being an individual.

The plot of "The Giver" is there is no prejudice in this world. Everything is perfect

there. The society is free of pain, fear, war, and hatred. The people in this book

look alike, act alike, and are very polite. Everyone?s life is planned out in The

Giver. At the age of twelve, children are assigned their ?assignments? or jobs.

Jonas is assigned the job of upcoming Giver.

In his training the Giver now

transmits Memories to Jonas. There are specific jobs for specific women to have

children called ?birthmothers?. They are the source of all children, although no one

sees them. Women are picked husbands, and visa versa. The new couples are given

a child, which they are to raise like one of their own. When people get older they

are'released' or in other words, killed. This type of book would fall under the

category of Fiction, because in real life no one is perfect.

The conflict/climax of "The Giver" would be when Jonas realizes that the

world cant always be perfect, it never can. It would definitely have to be man vs.

society. He flees from the city so that something other then the ordinary would

happen, not the same thing over and over again. He takes...