Giving speech to high school kids about their future.

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Neeraj Mahajan

Value Speech

Congratulations, Graduating Students. I would just like to share a few thoughts with you. After consulting with a few of your graduating classmates, I have reached a conclusion which may hopefully help you in the future. After leaving this education institute, you will be moving on to another level of higher education which best fits you, whether that is finding a job that suits your needs or pursuing your career in college. Many things are learned in everyday life, however there are three things that I think all seniors should consider while introduced to the real world is making connections, being eclectic, and having ethical decision power.

The world works on connections being able to communicate with others and getting point across. When people are able to link with others this enables the mind to become stimulated and allows the person to grow mentally. Even though we have skills without connections in the world it is difficult to succeed in the world.

Like the saying "you need the right kind of people to do the right kind of job." All the individuals are unique and being an eclectic person can be beneficial in several ways in the real world. An open minded person represents the human endeavor for discovery and inner human attitude for exploration. He or she advanced themselves in the work place by enhancing and compromising with others ideas. Having the right relations and communication in the work place can help the co-workers as well as the company a great deal.

Throughout twelve years of schooling, you have been faced with millions of decisions everyday. From the time we knew the difference between right and wrong, we have been also taught the meaning of consequences and rewards. Most everyone has been taught...