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Dear Journal,

Yesterday mother told her story about the 17 gentlemen callers that came to her house when she was young. "One Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain-your mother received -seventeen!-gentlemen callers!" (Amanda) (8) She really loves telling that story, although, I can tell she regrets marrying my father since all the gentlemen callers she talks about are mostly dead and left a lot of fortune to their widows. I can also see she is hoping the same doesn't happen for me. "Resume your seat, little sister-I want you to stay fresh and pretty-for the gentlemen callers!" (Amanda) (7) I do not think mother will ever understand that I am just not as popular as she was when she was young. I also am not as outgoing as she was, I am very shy.

Today when mother came home she was very upset. At first I had no idea why but when she ripped up the paper I was typing and informed she she went to see my typing teacher that day, I figured out what she was ranting about.

After she lectured me about responsibility, I really did try to explain to her why I just could not go to the typing class anymore. She could not understand. She also was not very pleased when I told her I went walking in the parks. This was mostly because I was sick and she figured out what really caused it. I don't see why it was so bad, I went in the art museum and some other places. How does she expect me to go back after I humiliated myself in front of the whole class because I was so nervous about the speed test? They even had to carry me into the wash room. It was just so humiliating.