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On May 25, 2009, Russia's Defense Ministry reported that North Korea engaged in an underground nuclear test detonation (Gienger, 2009). Since this test, the international community has been concerned and conducted negotiations on how to respond to this potential threat. Multiple countries including the United States (U.S.) have conducted government-to-government negotiations on this situation. The following paper will analyze the U.S., China, Others Showing Strong Consensus on North Korea article, which discusses a government negotiation situation that has occurred on a global context. In addition, this paper will analyze the implications of globalization and technology on negotiations.

Article SummaryIn the article, Obama's senior administration officials praised the negotiation efforts of the international community on the seriousness of North Korea's nuclear program. The international community's involved in the United Nations have conducted serious negotiations to implement sanctions in order to help them achieve their ultimate goal of eliminating nuclear weapons from the North Korean Peninsula (Kaufmann, 2009).

According to the State Department official's, negotiation meetings between Untied States officials, South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia have shown a very strong consensus on how to handle North Korea. In 2005, the five countries involved in the negotiation meetings made a joint statement with North Korea. North Korea agreed in the joint statement to abandon their nuclear program in exchange for cooperation on economic trade and other areas (Kaufmann, 2009). Since North Korea has broken their joint agreement, the other countries involved in the negotiations believe that they will no longer accept halfway measures. If North Korea wishes to continue negotiations, they will have to commit to complete denuclearization and take irreversible steps towards that goal.

NegotiationsThe United Nations and the United States are extremely concerned on eliminating North Korea's nuclear weapons in order to prevent any attacks and nuclear war. United...