Global Macro Practice in Human Services

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Global Macro Practice in Human Services

Monique Cone and Ayeisha Johnson University of Phoenix


Denna Atkinson

October 19, 2009


Global Macro Practice in Human Services

How is it that in the country where formal slavery was abolished with the Civil War, slavery still exists with an estimated 50 thousand people and the number is growing. The slaves come from Africa, Asia, India, China, Latin America, the former Soviet Union, and from the ranks of native born and citizens of the United States. They are 'property' of the most prominent and respectable Americans, particularly new citizens who recruit the poor and helpless from the countries they escaped from to live the happy life. The lives these new citizens led are of utter misery, poverty, slavish work, and sexual harassment. Brought over by diplomats, coyotes, and on their own, they never climb out of poverty (Browne, 2009).

Most people in this country are totally ignorant to the fact that some form of slavery exists, not only in the United States, but also around the world.

Trafficking in humans comes in various forms; children are also trafficked for purposes of child labor and child soldiers. Men are also being trafficking, but it is more women and children. Between one and two million women and children are trafficked each year worldwide for forced labor, or sexual exploitation (Devi, undated). Trafficking women and children has become one of the most illegal thing that is going on in the economic right now (Salt, 2000). The nature of this 'business' is hard to pinpoint. Studies show that most of the women and children being put into servitude or modern day slavery are from poor or non-industrialized countries (Okojie, 2009).

The trafficking may have been stemmed from the...