Go Ask Alice

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In the beginning, Alice talks about the problems every teenage girl go through: conflicts parents and brother/sister (her mother is too much on her back telling what to do, parents too conservative, ...).

bored at school (until she knows she is moving to a new home in another city).

appearance problem (over-weight, hair, ...).

boys Her father decides to move to another city to take a new job at a University. Alice has some problem to acclimate to her new high school and can't make new friends until she meets Beth. She is a lot like Alice and they share a lot together, and are very good friends until summer, when Beth has to leave for a summer camp in Europe. At that time Alice also leaves for a few weeks to her grandparents' house in her old town.

Alice meets a former classmate (Jill) who introduces her to LSD during a party.

She finds the experience incredible and doesn't know if she should be ashamed or happy, but she is glad she did it (even though she does not want to be a "dope addict"). She also meets Bill who introduced her to Speed and Acid. She tries to stay away from it, but can't.

She is also extremely worried because she might have gotten pregnant and she starts to take tranquilizers. Roger reappears in her life but decides to go to military school. At the end of the summer, Alice returns back home full of worries.

Back to the new town, she finds out that Beth has really changed but finds a new friend, Chris, who works at a clothes shop (they can relate to each other and Chris is also a little bit into drugs). Alice's parents are worried about the way Alice changed and are constantly on her back. Alice is introduced to pot and meets Richie (A college student, friend of Chris and drug addict) with whom she is going to fall in love. To get more money they decide to push (deal) drugs (Acid and Pot) at school. But she finds out that Richie is gay (or bisexual) and only used her to sell drugs. Disgusted by Richie and drugs, Alice leaves with Chris for San Francisco leaving a note to her parents.

Alice and Chris live in a dirty, one-room apartment. They both get a low-paid job.

Chris' wealthy boss named Sheila invites them to her parties where they meet again with drugs (from pot to heroin). Sheila and other people at the party actually abused Chris and Alice. Disgusted, they decide to leave San Francisco and open their own shop across the San Francisco bay in Berkeley. They make a very good job, but mostly junkies stop by, which makes Alice feel lonely, heartbroken, and she starts to hate this experience. So they decide to go back home by Christmas.

Back home, Alice is more seen as an adult. She is happy during the whole winter holidays, feels bad for what happened during this year and can't wait the new year to come to refresh everything. But at school, her old relations continue to ask her for drugs. It is stronger than her, she has to take drugs and finds out she is really addicted to them. Her friend Chris and her get caught by the police and are then on probation.

After March 5th, there is a "hole" in the dairy. Without really knowing what happened, Alice is now on the street in Oregon with a couple of other drug addicts. She gets help from the church but she is really addicted to drugs. She meets Doris, a 14 year old girl, also on the street and a drug addict. She then moves to southern California, completely lost in her mind and doing everything possible to get dope. Finally, she talks to a priest who hooks her up again with her parents. She realizes the horrible things that happened to her. By talking with other drug addicts, she finally finds a path in life, helping them ! Alice tries to start a new life, feels stronger (because she has a purpose in her life) and enjoys life until she meet again with her former friends (Jan and the "grass gang").

They hassle her and try to bring her back to her drug habits, but she resists. At that time her grandfather dies, which affects Alice and her parents a lot. While working at the library, she meet a guy named Joel (A sweet, caring and bright student). She falls in love with him.

Jan came over one evening, completely stoned and bothering Alice while she was baby-sitting. To protect the baby, Alice got to call Jan's parents. Jan will never forgive that. She started to propagate all kinds of rumors all around the school which makes Alice feel miserable. Kids are really mean to her. In the meantime, Joel has to leave for Chicago.

By the end of school everything gets better, until she once again takes acid, which makes her make an incredibly bad trip. She ends up at the hospital (burned and injured all over her body). During her whole stay she has bad dreams about worms eating her. She still receives supporting letter from Joel. Her parents and her parole officer decide to take her to a mental hospital.

It is the scariest place she has ever been to. Doctors and staff tell her that they can't help her unless Alice wanted help. During her stay, she meets different kinds of other drug addicts. They share their terrible stories with Alice. She is progressing with her group therapy, but the place she is in is terrible. Her father finally gets to take Alice out of the asylum. Back home she meets "straight kids" and somehow tries to go back to a normal life. She finishes her diary by telling that when people get older they don't need a diary anymore and they should be able to discuss problems with other people. She dies 3 weeks after of an (accidental?) overdose.