Goals and Aspirations of a College Bound Hispanic Student

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My goals do not necessarily concern making money. My goals are centered around helping people and leaving the world a better than I found it. My Hispanic heritage has had a great deal of influence in forming my goals.

Long-term goals can be hard to set because I am still changing. I am always a different person from whom I was the previous day. I have no idea in terms of what occupation I want to pursue. One day I want to be a doctor in a third world country and the next I want to be a politician. One thing that is for certain is my burning desire to help people and have a changing impact on peoples’ lives. It sounds cliche, but I truly mean it when I say I want to aid disadvantaged people. There is a particular group of people that I really want to assist.

This group is very close to my heart because I am a member of this group. I want to reach out to minority males, specifically Hispanic males.. I feel that society has placed a mark on the backs of Hispanic males. They have forever been under represented in That is absolutely disgusting and disheartening. Young Hispanic males are a demographic group that has been given the short end of the stick and I am making it a personal mission to help my people by not becoming a “statistic” myself and making it possible for more young black males to attend college. I hope to one day start a scholarship foundation specifically for minority males with an emphasis on assisting Hispanic males.. I have been blessed with many talents and have been given many opportunities that have not been given to all Hispanic males. I feel that it is not a charitable act but a duty to meliorate minority males. The very first dollar in the scholarship fund will be from my bank account. I refuse to sit back and watch my fellow Hispanic males fall to the pits of American society.

My other long-term goal is to travel the world. I have always dreamed of visiting every corner of the world. Since I was three years old, I have wanted to scour the great plains of Africa, backpack across Europe, and live among the Aguarunas of Peru. The only culture I know is that of America. As diverse as America may be, there are people and cultures around the world that can offer me enlightenment that America cannot provide. I have become entrenched in American culture and the only way to broaden my horizons to become a member of the global community is by exploring as much of the world as I possibly can. I am particularly fascinated by Hispanic cultures. There are so many variations and branches of Hispanic culture. I hope to study abroad in either Spain or South America.