The Good Life.

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One of the goals or messages of life that society at times bombards us

with is to 'enjoy the good life'. But what exactly does this mean? What is

the good life? Do we focus on intellectual growth? Spiritual? Emotional?

Physical? Or some other aspect that will lead us on that journey of

self-fulfillment? While an argument could easily be made for each of these

components, I will focus on our preoccupation at with that physical

desire for perfection and the happiness derived from taking care of our

physical needs.

Taking care of our physical needs often leads to a life of Good Health.

It appears that the more we take care of our bodies, either by exercising,

diet or the proper combination of both, the more apt we are to stay

committed to this lifestyle. Conversely, those who tend to neglect their

physical needs tend to experience more problems related to their health.

Some of these may include high blood pressure, heart related ailments,

obesity, eating disorders.

We must as a society look at our bodies as construction sites. They are

a work in progress. We have the ability to mold and shape them. We know

what it feels like to be healthy. We are in tune with our bodies.

Therefore, when our body senses something is wrong such as an illness, it

becomes easily recognizable. Once we understand this, we can take steps to

get healthy again. We don't mistreat our bodies through the use of drugs,

alcohol or food intake. In effect, we reduce the probability of being

sick. We are less likely to get injured in sports because we know when our

body is telling us to stop. Elite athletes as well as the every day

exerciser will rehabilitate their injury without further aggravating the...