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Cynthia Habonimana

Prof. A. Robertson

ESL 186

25th February 2014


The keys for being good parents

Families, associations, medias and even brands claim themselves to care for children, they spread ideals in which the child is considered as an adult in progress. This shows a considerable step in the evolution of humanity, however, these ideals present a danger, for, idealization often transforms in culpability, which can even lead in discouragement and a decrease of self esteem instead of being an instrument of motivation. How many parents show confusion and anxiety when they are faced to an educational task which seems to become more and more difficult and for which they cannot find any solution? The 21 th century is very different from the past centuries.In the past centuries, children were raised by a nanny or sent to a boarding school. In this century, being a parent became a full time occupation, it requires a lot of discipline and patience. In order to raise effectively children, good parents should reasonably love their children,, develop a close relationship with their children and create a good balance between rewards and punishments

First of all, good parents should reasonably love their children.

A child has great interest in the world around him and reflects what he sees in his parent. Parents are direct models and are the most important adults to their children. Therefore a loving parent should be affectionate and show love to his children in order to develop sociability and kindness in his children's hearts. There are many examples of how to manifest love in a simple way to children, for instance going on a treasure hunt, cooking together or decorating their room with apparently no reason are some examples of the ways that a parent can use to...