The Good Samaritan Law

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"It's not my problem", was exactly what an18-year-old- student named Cash said to the police after he witnessed his friend rape and kill a little girl in a public bathroom.

Many of us would do the exact same thing: not get involved.

But maybe if someone did get involved, the little girl would still be alive today. The Good Samaritan Law raises many debates, and sets a good question to whether someone witnessing a murder or an assault should be charged with a penalty. A person witnessing such things should not be held responsible for the crime but should pay a penalty. In situations like these, there could be a chance to save a life. Also, if this were happening to you, you'd want someone to help you.

Going back to the case of the little girl's murder, Cash did not get involved and a little girl died. One simple phone call or a few words could have changed the outcome of an event completely.

A human life could have been saved. If enforced, The Good Samaritan Law would get people to step in, and if possible save lives.

Many times the reason we don't get involved in a conflict is because it is not happening to us. We simply think what Cash thought, "It's not my problem". But what if the tables turned, and a similar scenario happened to us.

Then, would we want others to get involved and help us? The answer to this question, of course, is "Yes". Thus, we should always put ourselves in the victim's shoes and get involved.

Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. If something bad were happening to us, we wouldn't want people to just be standing there. We'd want them to help us. Think about it!...