Goods and Evils of marketing

Essay by bonga2007 April 2007

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This essay will try to give my opinion on whether marketing is evil or good. The essay will also try to address some of the good consequences and the bad ones of marketing. I have also tried to further explain the effects these consequences have on the society. I have also tried to tackle issues such as ethics of marketing and social well being and values.

Who wouldn’t agree that marketing to some extent is good or bad? Before condemning marketing as an evil or praising it as good I am going to try and explain what marketing really is. My opinion of marketing is that this is a process involving every step between the product or service provider and the consumer that completes a trade. It is the process of making your product attractive and tempting for your intended customers. Marketing is much more than advertising alone. It includes the whole package – the right mix – an appealing product, affordable price, promotion that catches the eye and a distribution system that reaches the intended customer.

Now that I have explained briefly what marketing involves I will first get into reasons why I think marketing can be a good thing. First and the most important reason why marketing can be good is that it provides consumers with information and creates awareness of the product. For example the HIV/AIDS have created awareness of this disease among communities throughout the world. The campaign includes the creation and giving out information about the HIV virus and how it could be avoided through television, radio, and outdoor, online and print media.

Another good reason for marketing is that it encourages people especially younger generation to instill in themselves good habits, such as drinking milk. For example the “got milk” campaign featuring celebrities with...