The Great Gatsby

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On this essay I will talk about disillusions that happened in the book.

When Tom was going to the Plaza hotel on Gatsby's yellow car with Nick and Jordan, he stopped in Wilson garage to have some gas to the car, and in the garage Wilson said to Tom that he needed money very badly and he wanted to buy Tom's car, because he said is living there for too long and he wants to get away and go to west. And the disillusion for Wilson was his wife that has been cheating on him.

When everybody was in the Plaza hotel and Gatsby was telling Tom that he knows Daisy since 5 years ago, and he also says that both loved each other. But because he was poor and Daisy was a rich person that lived in a higher society, they could not be together. After that Tom said that when Daisy married him she loved him and she still loves him, but Gatsby say's that she does not love him anymore and Tom is desolated when Daisy helps Gatsby when she tells Tom that it is true what Gatsby says.

After this Tom says that it's not true because there is things between Daisy and him that Gatsby will never know, things that neither of them will forget. (" You don't understand," said Gatsby, with a touch of panic") (Page: 140, 12th line from the bottom).

When Tom noticed that Gatsby was in panic he opened his eyes and laughed, now he could afford to control himself. When Daisy leaves the party Tom says that Gatsby's dream is dead, Daisy is Tom's again so much so that Tom fells safe sending her back home with Gatsby. I think that this is the biggest disillusion that happens in this book.

When Tom, Nick and Jordan were going back home they saw a lot of people inside Wilson's garage. Michaeli the owner of a restaurant next to Wilson's garage tells them it was Myrtle who was killed by a yellow car coming from New York that killed her and then sped away. Nick realizes that Gatsby and Daisy killed Myrtle on the way back home. Wilson was so shocked that he did not talked with Tom.

Gatsby's gardener tells Gatsby that he plans to drain the pool, but Gatsby says that he did not used the swimming pool during this summer so he tells the gardener to wait a day. While Wilson stayed all night talking to Michaelis and they get to the conclusion that probable the person that killed Myrtle might be her lover, and so Wilson decides that God demands revenge, and so he leaves to find the owner of the yellow car. First he goes to Tom's house because he knows that Toms knows whose the yellow car, and Tom says that the owner is Mr. Gatsby and so when Gatsby is in the swimming pool Wilson kills him with a pistol and then he suicides. Nick hurries back to West Egg and finds Gatsby floating dead in his swimming pool. Nick gets very upset because of the death of his best friend.

Nick called Daisy to go to Gatsby's funeral but she and Tom had gone away early that afternoon, and they took all the baggage with them, and they left no address and no one knew where they were and when they were coming back.

Nick promised Gatsby that he would get someone to go to his funeral and so he called Meyer Wolfshiem but no one answered the phone. But later Wolfshiem sends a letter saying that he fells sorry for what happened but now he is very busy and so he cannot go to Gatsby's funeral. Also Klipspringer refused to come and then he even asked Nick to send along his tennis shoes and then Nick hangs up on him.

The only people to attend the funeral are Nick, Owl Eyes, a few servants, and Gatsby's father, Henry C. Gatz, which feels proud for his son, and saves a picture of his house, and he also shows Nick a book on which a young Gatsby had written a schedule for self-improvement.

It is a big desolation for Nick to know that everyone pretended to be Gatsby's friends. Nick says that the people who surround him destroyed Gatsby's dream, and so he leaves New York because he thinks the lifestyle of people in New York is very bad and so he leaves New York.