Great Moments in the First 100 Years of the Catholic Church

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- "Great Moments in the First 100 Years of the Church"

Qu 1) The early Church faced many perplexing theological questions and concerns, for example, explaining the "personhood" of Jesus, liturgical norms and practice etc. What theological concerns of the early Church remain theologically relevant in the area of contemporary Religious Education?

On Pentecost Sunday in approximately 33AD, the Holy Spirit came upon Mary, the apostles and hundreds of disciples of Jesus Christ and the Christian Church was born. On that day, thousands joined the church and many were strengthened and confirmed by the Spirit of God to spread the word of the risen Christ, the Lord. These were the early beginnings of the Church, and during this time, and for two centuries after it, the Church has faced perplexing theological questions and concerns- many of which are still relevant today such as Christological controversies and Iconoclasm. Concerns and questions about these issues are often raised by young Catholics and those who study the Church, and are therefore concerns of contemporary Religious Educators.

It is important to note that the study of the Church and it's beliefs and practices without reference to it's history cannot be accurate. History has moulded the Church into what it is today, as it has all other institutions.

Christology is that part of theology which includes a study of Jesus Christ's "personhood". Students and others studying the Church and her beliefs often have difficulty with the concept of the Holy Trinity and Jesus as a human man who is also divine as God, the Son. This is a concept that has been controversial since the beginnings of the Church.

During the first three centuries of the Church, doctrines differed between different communities regarding the personhood of Jesus, however these heresies were overshadowed by the persecution...