How To Be A Great Running Back

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How To Be A Great Running back The game of football is a tough game from any position. Besides quarterback the most important position on the offense is tailback also known as running back. In my experiences at tailback from the age of eight through my senior year in high school I learned a lot about the position. I also learned what is needed to be a great tailback. These qualities include endurance, footwork, vision, and power.

There is nothing worse than running out of energy on a football field. Without the ability to catch your breath in between plays you are useless at the position of tailback. As a tailback you are constantly moving from the first moment the game starts. The best way to keep in game shape is to eat a properly. You should also be working out constantly, focusing on your running. The best way to build endurance is to delay muscle fatigue.

The only way to delay muscle fatigue is to work out. You should create a work out schedule were you are changing which muscles you are working out every day to build your muscles evenly. You'll never make it playing tailback without endurance.

Another very important aspect of the tailback position is footwork. Footwork is defined in three ways speed, quickness, and agility. If you are faster, quicker, and more agile than the defender in front of you chances are your going to get past them. You always have to keep your legs pumping. Once your momentum stops your going to get tackled. The best ways to improve your footwork are the ropes course sprinting and agility drills. Nothing beats a tailback with great footwork.

The next very important quality of a tailback is vision. You'll never make it past the line of...