Greece; The Pros and Cons of Democracy Therein

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Greece; where many of the most important scientific and philosophical questions are thought to have first arisen, is also considered by most to be the birthplace of demokratia; or as we regard it, democracy. A system for and by the people, democracy has since transcended its early Athenian practice to become the most predominant political system in the world today. Thus wouldn't it be fitting to think that by now, Greece of all places would have found equilibrium throughout every aspect of a system it birthed several thousand years ago? Logically, this would make sense, but a democratic system of governance hasn't always been the preferred practice in Greece. In fact, Greece's democratic model is still relatively young when taking into account that it was only reestablished in 1974 (after years of Ottoman, authoritarian, and military rule) . Democracy's reimplementation allowed Greece to tackle the number of problems which had arisen in terms of foreign relations, economic development, etc.

However, with all of the democratic accomplishments of the last thirty years, there still exist many irregularities or minuses in relation to their working model. This essay will attempt to analyze Greece's system of democratic governance and assess the various problems which still linger while making note of the considerable advancements democratization has brought about.


Greece, as a nation state, emerged around 1830 after approximately 400 years of Ottoman rule. Afterward, the country had seen several shifts in governance, from foreign imposed kings and princes, to a series of monarchs after the countries declaration of 1924, whereby it was officially named the Hellenic Republic . Between 1967 and 1974, the country operated under a strict military junta, until its removal in '74 (the result of a failed coup in Cyprus) whereby it pronounced itself to be a presidential parliamentary...