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Green Party The Green Party's purpose is to elect government officials who share their beliefs in ecological wisdom, social justice, and nonviolence. They want to accomplish this through a grassroots democratic movement. The Green Party's candidates for the election of 2000 were Ralph Nader for President and Winona LaDuke for Vice President. The association of State Green Parties started in 1996 after elections to fill a void in National Green Politics. Delegates from all over the U.S. met in California last July to vote in favor of filing papers with the FEC to establish a new national party. It will be called the Green Party of the U.S. Because of how well Ralph Nader did in the 2000 elections and because of how many Greens currently hold office; the Greens are the third political force in the U.S. Because of its agenda the Green Party does not represent as many Americans as the Democrat or Republican Parties.

I feel that if they want to become a major political party they will have to broaden the appeal they have for their causes. If they do not do this they will never achieve the same status as our two major parties.