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Political parties play an important role in democratic systems because they provide the structures that select the individuals who hold institutional positions at the apex of authority in the various governments. When we look at parties we are also looking at organizations whose leaders are likely to lead governments. Political parties are particularly important in parliamentary systems (e.g. Canada) because they structure the government and the opposition. Indeed, interest groups, public opinion, and political parties are just some of the profound influences upon the government's decisions. By equally satiating the wants and needs of these groups in addition to resolving key problems, a government fulfills the duties that it has toward its respective city, state, or country. On the downside, a government's constituents also possess their own self-interests and egoistical motives which hinder the progress of governmental endeavors. Government officials' gluttony and greed sacrifice environmental, economic, foreign, and social policies in order to achieve individual success.

However, numerous politicians dedicate themselves to the betterment of their appointed field through compromise and self-sacrifice. One of the parties that represent these honest politicians is The Green party of Canada.

Political parties are usually defined as a body of people united for promoting interests on some particular principle by their joint endeavors and seeking to elect governmental office-holders under a given label which aim in prevailing over the others so as to get into or stay in power . The several functions of a political party focus on the responsibilities of it. The most important of which lies within the responsibilities of political governing. A political party's chief role is to join the government's executive portion to that of the legislative portion . In short, parties force the government to run smoother, and encourage them to solve more problems. A political party is...