A Guide to Human Resources

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The human resources department is responsible for ensuring that the right calibre of staff are employed and that they are trained by store managers to the agreed company standard. It is also responsible for ensuring that all staff are paid the correct amount.

The human resources manager is responsible for ensuring that all legal and company legislation is adhered to. They monitor and make recommendations to the General Manager on absenteeism and labour turnover trends. They also give the managers advice on performance issues with their staff and guidance with regards to disciplinary action to ensure that this is carried out in accordance with company policy.

All employee welfare is monitored through regular staff meetings and employee engagement surveys that are carried out regularly. All findings and recommendations are discussed with the general manager at weekly meetings. The human resources manager monitors communication throughout the store to ensure that all staff are receiving the necessary amount and quality of information.

Any efficient human resources department needs to integrate its departmental strategy to fall in line with the strategy of the rest of the organisation. The HR function needs to communicate with other departments to ensure a streamlined organisational structure without which the staffing function becomes randomly inefficient and ineffective.

Human Resources Planning is the development of a comprehensive staffing strategy that meets the organisations future human resources needed. When applied to management selection it ought to ensure recruitment of the right people for the right jobs at the right time. Rather than fill posts when they fall vacant or a pressing need arises, effective human resource planning needs to answer these questions.

Are the right numbers and type of people doing the things that need doing?

Are we using our human resources well?

Do we have the people we need...