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Process09/14/07The New Guide to Women, for MenThey say everyone has a special someone that they will meet throughout their lives, and it's very true. Typically, men have always been required to be the first one to initiate the first interaction with a woman. Unfortunately, with the changes in the dynamic society and technology, traditional methods of wooing are outdated. Chivalry is dead, and women killed it. Every year, more and more women are becoming independent. They no longer rely on men to support families and households because they now hold jobs that allow them to be financially independent. This makes it much more difficult for a male to start a relationship with a woman. The type of women that most males look for (beautiful, caring, comic, and smart etc.) are ironically the new generation of women that are able to be more self supportive. What are left are the fat, ugly, or wrinkly women that don't appeal to most men.

At this rate, the birth rate will decline by forty percent by the year 2057. Social security will have another plunge. It is up to the men to come up with a new game plan to rescue the human race from being wiped off the face of the earth. The solution can be scientifically broken down into just a few steps. With this guide, even a forty year old virgin will be able to get the girl of his dreams.

In prehistoric times, the purpose of life for women was to survive and produce offspring. Although women may be more independent nowadays, instinctively they rely on men to increase their chances of survival and reproduction. Women can reproduce with most any man, but not all will help her survive. In a primitive tribe, the man with the best ability to...