Guilt in Crow Lake

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Guilt is a feeling everyone is familiar with, 90% of the people that suffer from self-inflected guilt get diagnosed with depression sooner or later in their lives. We blame ourselves for many unfortunate events that take place throughout the course of our lives what we really need to ask ourselves is how many of those things are our fault or have anything to do with us. Instead of affecting ourselves with the negativity of something that takes place which is out of our control, we should be thankful that it wasn't any worse than it could have been. In Mary Lawson's Crow Lake guilt is an ongoing theme due to their parent's unfortunate death Luke Morrison the eldest child believes their parents died because of him therefore he makes very tough decisions in life due to the guilt that's settled in his mind, Matt Morrison is the prey of guilt also as he believes his brother Luke isn't able to attain a decent education because of him, and Kate Morrison the eldest of the two daughters is continuously feeling guilty of taking her future away from her brighter brother Matt.

Many families fail to express their emotions with their loved ones and this result into many making sacrifices that aren't the best for their future because of the guilt that is taken upon them.

Undoubtedly the eldest of the families after the parents are expected to jump in and keep their families as one. Luke believes he is the reason to the tragic death of his parents, therefore he throws away his chance at teachers college and decides to stay home and take care of his siblings." I'm not going to teachers college. I'm staying here. The four of us are staying, here. We'll have the money I would...