"The Guilty" this is about a lawer trying to save an innocent boy at any cost. the question is, is he really innocent?

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The Guilty

"Do you understand why we are going to court?" Amy looked at her young client wondering if he even heard her. They had been talking for over an hour and it was going nowhere, "I need to know what you want to plead," he looked at her with blank eyes, looking not at her but right through her. They sat there in silence as Amy waited for an answer. She decided to take a different approach, "Did you do it?" he tilted his head and smiled with innocence.

"John, try to focus, do you understand what they think you did?" Amy pushed her hair back and looked in his eyes willing him to understand

"The police think I killed that boy," John's eyes were filling with tears. Amy looked away so not to embarrass him, "I just wanted him to leave us alone."

"What was he doing John?" Amy's hand reached out to touch him, to reassure him that he was safe.

"He was being mean, he was always being so mean I just wanted..." John's voice trailed off as tears streamed down his face, "I just wanted to..." tears drowned his words.

"Please continue," but Amy could see this was all too much for a boy to handle. She called his parents to take him. John left the room wiping tears with the sleeve of his shirt.

Lying in bed Amy was unable to let sleep overtake her body. Usually the parents would be in the room when she met a young client for the first time. There was something very strange about that. Slowly suspicions of how a young boy could shoot another to death settled deeply in her mind. Surely no one was capable of that much hate at such a young age, a mistake...