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Ashley Persuasive Essay November 16, 2000 GUN CONTROL Why are teenagers responsible for committing the most crime in America? People seem to be very opinionated when it comes to gun control. I feel that guns should only be issued to persons highly trained to lessen the chance of unnecessary violence because guns are too easily accessible to teens, too many accidents occur of people murdering innocent victims, and trained individuals have enough experience to properly handle a gun. With more gun control, we are sure to have a more blissful society.

Guns are too easily accessed by teens (The Moving Target of Gun Control 3). The more irresponsible people we have with guns, the more accidental or intentional deaths we will have. The most significant factor in the decline of homicides in the U.S. between 1994 and 1999 has been the effort to get handguns out of the hands of young people (Hendry 1).

If guns were only issued to experienced people, the need for such actions would not be necessary.

Too many accidents occur of teenagers murdering innocent victims. Everyday on the news, there is something pertaining to teen violence. Teenagers commit the largest portion of all violent crime in America. More than one-third of all murders are committed by offenders under the age of 21. The number of 13- to 15- year-olds arrested for murder jumped from 390 in 1982 to 740 a decade later (McNulty 1). There are many positive things that teenagers could be doing if they didn't have the influence right at their fingertips.

Trained individuals have enough experience and knowledge to know how to properly handle a gun. I don't think that anyone would argue with me if I said that a police officer is better equipped to handle a gun rather...