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Would stricter gun laws keep them out of criminal hands? Or maybe the question should be, "How can making gun laws stricter keep them out of criminal hands?'. The only answer to that would be, it wouldn't. Guns have become such a big issue in not only America, but all around the world. In Ivin's essay, 'Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns', she suggests that we adopt stricter gun laws, the same laws that are currently enforced in Europe. However, I believe that if we restrict and tighten our gun laws, that many of our unarmed citizens will be the easiest targets for crimes. We would also see an increase in illegal sales of these guns.

No evidence to date suggests that the stricter gun laws in Europe have made the streets a safer place. Ivin suggests that 'we should be subject to the same restrictions placed on gun owners in England'.

However, according to the article 'Gun Laws don't reduce crime' written by, John R. Lott Jr, a resident scholar at the Conservative American Enterprise Institute, he states that, 'around the world from Australia to England, gun laws have been strengthened with the promise of lowering crime but instead have seen violent crime soar'. How can restricting handguns stop people from buying them illegally? If we restrict these laws, wouldn't we be increasing illegal sales of these guns? Increasing untraceable crime not to mention putting more money into the pockets of these salesmen? Unarmed citizens would be a greater target. More burglaries would be evident. I'm not suggesting having guns readily available to anyone, but that if someone wants to buy a gun, they should be willing and able to pass tests of competency, and have proper training and certification.

There is...