Gun Control

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Gun control is very serious issue that has been and will be debated about for years. Advocates who want stricter gun control laws feel that it will make our streets safer and drop murder rates. People who disagree and want to keep gun control laws the way they are, argue that it is a constitutional right to bear arms. These days it is fairly easy to obtain a gun.

Acquiring a gun is as easy as filling out some paperwork and waiting twenty-four hours to pick it up. The only restrictions are that you must be over eighteen years old and not have a felony within the past five years. This means almost anyone can go and purchase a gun and give it to somebody else. There needs to be tougher gun control laws to reduce the amount of murders and violent crimes. The paperwork that is filled out during the purchase of a gun is usually used to check the criminal history of the buyer and that is it.

These records are then thrown out and not recorded for future reference. The records should be filed away somewhere so that if a problem occurred in the future we could look and see who purchased that exact gun. Those who argue that it is a breech of personal privacy seem to me to want to use there guns for wrong doings.

The most important thing should be keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, and keeping our streets safe. If it were up to me I would make it so that buying a gun was like getting a drivers license. There should be a way to trace every gun to its owner through some sort of license program. If the gun were to be stolen and used in...