Guns Cause Crime Like Flies Cause Garbage My teacher mainly had problems with details. He wanted more specifics. I do not have the graded essay. This was one that I had on my computer.

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Guns Cause Crime Like Flies Cause Garbage

Handguns have come a long way since the muskets of the 1700's and Samuel Colt's first revolver in the 1800's. Guns have made great contributions to our society. They were the backbone of our independence when ordinary citizens took up arms against the British in the American Revolution. Guns have technologically progressed, making them safer and thus more attractive for family protection. This boosted gun ownership, and in 2001 nearly one in every three homes enjoyed the protection of a gun (Gale 9). This increase in gun ownership has divided the country in a debate over private gun ownership. Some people believe it is our constitutional right to own a gun. Others believe that guns should be confiscated from the hands of all citizens. Powerful organizations have developed over this debate. One of the biggest arguments is whether guns contribute to crime, or hinder it.

The truth is private ownership of firearms helps reduce crime.

Handguns took years to develop to the safe, practical tool that it is today. The earliest known handgun was believed to exist in the 1400's. This handgun was a shape of a mini-cannon that could be held at chest level. The only way that this poorly made contraption could work is by lighting it at the top like you would regular cannon. This invention was not very effective in battle and it was difficult to use. It would not be until the fifteenth century that a new invention would come. The invention continued to be of use until the 1700's. The Matchlock was a huge improvement. The Matchlock had a metal shaped arm that when used, it would press forward like a spring and mash a pre-lighted wick into a pile of gunpowder. This would then ignite gunpowder...