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I see a big tree

And wave to the leaves slowly

They wave back to me

Caught in the rainfall

Now I hear the thunder call

I await its stall

The big rabbit sings

Other rabbits laugh at him

So he eats them all


As the sun falls the moon gets out of bed

The brightness fades and the stars awaken

Dancing vividly in the sky ahead

The ocean speaks in a voice unshaken

I hear a Swift sound as the tide strikes the shore

Waves smash together as if having a war

The fireflies grab at the wavering moon

And me falling in love with this place

But I wish that you would come here soon


A bird rises from the sun

Over the trees it glides

Swiftly it spots its prey

Swooping in for the kill

Its claws grasping his prey

Flying to his home high up in the sky

And feeding the small rodent to a cry

His newborn eats as the father observes