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In the play Hamlet, there are three major themes, certainty verses uncertainty is when

characters aren't sure about their feelings or their thoughts. Next, action verses inaction which is

basically a character say there are going to do something but doesn't and procrastinate about it.

Last, is the obsession with death which is when a character is obsessed with death. Throughout the

play, the themes are shown repeatedly.

The first theme that would be explored is certainty verses uncertainty. This theme is seen

right away in Act two of scene two where the question if Hamlet and Ophelia had sexual

intercourse with each other or not. As Polonius reads the letters from Hamlet, there are certain

statements said that have you asking if or not Hamlet and Ophelia were sexually active with one


"To the celestial, and my soul's idol, the most beautified Ophelia-

That's an ill phrase, a vile phrase: "beautified" is a vile phrase.


you shall hear. Thus: In her excellent white bosom, these, etc."

(Hamlet, Act II scene 2, ll. 116-120)

Also in scene two, the King and Queen is skeptical on whether or not Polonius is right that it's

his fault why Hamlet gone crazy because he told Ophelia and Hamlet to discontinue seeing each

other. The King and Queen didn't understand why Hamlet was acting the way he was, but with

Polonius blaming his self, it's a start to understanding Hamlet.

"...Which done, she took the fruits of my advice. And he fell,

repelled. Fell into a sadness... Do you think 'tis this? It may be

very like." (Hamlet, Act II scene 2, ll.153-161)

In the conversation between Hamlet and Polonius, Hamlet mentions about Ophelia conceiving a

child and he should watch out. This is thrown up in the air of whether...