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Introduction to Mass CommunicationOccurrence: Washington DC subway crash kills 9, injures 75Assignment: Compare a Washington newspaper’s reporting with The Sun.

The occurrence happened on Monday, June 22 in Washington. During the Monday afternoon rush hour, two Washington, D.C., subway train crash into another, killing nine people, including the operator and injuring at least 75 people. The crash occurred on the heavily traveled red line about 5pm near the Fort Totten rail station on the northeastern outskirts of the city and it happened after the fifth car of a six-car, northbound train crossed a rail switch and left the tracks. Heavy machinery had been used by hundreds of rescuers to extract the injured. This occurrence was the deadliest subway crash in D.C. history and was the worst accident in the Metrorail system's 33-year history. Metro officials do not know the cause of the train collision, and investigators still continued to sift for clues Tuesday into what caused a Metro train to crash into another.

The accident trapped passengers in one or more of the subway cars. The lives of thousands of area residents had been disrupted by the partial shutdown of the Metro system.

The definition of hard news is means the events are deals with formal or serious topics and events and timeliness that stories that cover current events. This occurrence considered “hard news” because this occurrence can seriously affect people livelihood especially the local people that live in the country that the occurrence happened. Others country also give attention on this occurrence that injuring many people and nine people been killed, so will have news values in the article of this occurrence. This occurrence also consider a serious news in Washington, the place that happened the occurrence, because of many people involved in this occurrence and this occurrence been disrupted the lives of thousand of area residents.

The news services of this article were internet, website by news agency. News agency such as Reuters, The Associated Press (AP), and Agence France-Presse (AFP) supplied to the Malaysian newspaper. Reuters is the world’s largest international news agency, is a leading provider of real-time, high-impact, multimedia news and information services to newspapers, television and cable networks, radio stations and websites around the world. It also provides the latest information for publishers requiring instant coverage of global news and events. The Associated Press is the largest and oldest news organization in the world, serving as a source of news, photos, graphics, audio and video. Agence France-Presse delivers the news immediately, non-stop, worldwide, by satellite and Internet feed around the world.

The article of this occurrence appears in section of international news in Malaysian newspaper, The Sun. Based on news values, firstly is the impact that affects a lot of people, through the article of this occurrence was directly affected, many people will feel a strong emotional response to the news especially people that in the country will more affected because this occurrence was happened in their country. Audiences supposedly relate more to stories that are close to them geographically, or involve people from their country. News that can gain attention from public was based on its news values. I think this is so also because the article provided the completed information about the occurrence with 5W: WHO did this story happen to? WHAT happened? WHERE did it happen? WHEN did it happen? WHY did it happen? News has timeliness if it happened recently, this occurrence that happened during the 24 hours since the last edition of the newspaper are timely. The article showed this was negative news that involving death, because of this will get attention from public to the article of this occurrence, and then the news values become higher.

The similarities and differences between the two reports, two reports were from The Sun (local newspaper) and The Washington Times (foreign newspaper, newspaper of the place that the occurrence happened). The similarities between the two reports were published the same occurrence that happened in Washington. Two articles of this occurrence been published in the same day, June 23. Both articles included 5W which are WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY that provide a completed information for the publics. Photo been showed in those two reports to show the situation of the occurrence through the photo.

The differences between the two reports were the phrases that used in both article. The phrases that used in the article in Malaysian newspaper, The Sun, were less magnify, instead the phrases used in the article in the foreign country newspaper, The Washington Times were more magnify. Its show that the local newspaper, The Washington Times, of the country that happened the occurrence was more pay close attention to this occurrence.

Especially the wording and phrase used in the title of those two articles were absolute different, for instance, the title of the article used in The Sun (Malaysian newspaper) was “Washington DC subway crash kills 9, injures 75” and the title in The Washington Times was “At least 9 killed in Metro’s deadliest accident”, sub title “D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty: `The scene is as horrific as you can imagine` ”. Because the occurrence happened in Washington, so the local newspaper of Washington, The Washington Times devote three pages to the news of this occurrence. In opposite, in local newspaper in Malaysia just devote one and a half pages for the news of this occurrence. This show that The Washington Times more look after the occurrence that happened in their own country, because of the local people in the place that the occurrence happened will more concerned about what have happen in their own country. However, in Malaysian newspaper, The Sun, just briefly illustrate the occurrence happened in foreign country, Washington, just to let the people in Malaysia to know about the occurrence that have happened in other country.

By reading the article in The Washington Times, can more understand the situation of the occurrence by the quote of those victims and official than the Malaysian newspaper, The Sun. The Sun more on describe the situation of the occurrence by its own words. Both article had publish the photo of the occurrence, but the photo that published in The Washington Times was more clearing and showed the map of the subway train collision. Although the photo of the situation of occurrence that publish in The Sun was bigger than the photo in The Washington Times, but The Washington Times published more photo than The Sun.

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