hardward and software

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Hardware and Software

Team C: Channa Sor, Michael Natalie, Sarah Baggett, Shana Baker, Toni Gagliardi, William Judge, Shauna Yuresko


November 16, 2014

Sara Carpenter

Running head: ACCOUNTING CYCLE 1


Hardware and Software



Riordan Manufacturing has offices worldwide this creates the need for a mesh network. A full mesh network will enable users to send data between any computers on the network. The primary advantage to this network is that data can travel along several paths. It is not difficult to add or remove devices from this network types. In the event, the server fails the information can travel along another path reducing downtime. Riordan's servers are located at their headquarters in San Jose, CA. California is prone to earthquakes part of Riordan's business continuity plan requires backup servers located off-site. The organization has selected a secure facility in Tempe, AZ to house the backup servers.

Computer Configuration

Riordan will use a combination of dumb and intelligent terminals. Line level employees will use the dumb terminals. The Terminals will allow associates to transmit and receive data. Management will use intelligent terminals to perform more detailed tasks ("Dumb terminal," 2014). The intelligent terminals will use Windows 8. as the operating system. In order to support this operating system the computers are required to have one GB of ram, 16 GB of hard disk space, a one gigahertz processor and a Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver ("Microsoft", 2014). All intelligent terminals will have Microsoft office as the basic software package. If an employee requires additional software, a request will be entered and approved by upper management prior to installation.


The key individuals, whom will need access to all the accounting revenue and accounts receivable information within the database, are the...