Hardware replacement project

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Hardware replacement project

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Hardware replacement project

According to data gathered by the Standish Group "… 28% of projects were in the successful column" ("Extreme chaos," 2001, p. 1). Lack of executive support and appropriate project management are the foremost reasons for such a dismal rate. The definition of a project is a planned series of related activities designed to achieve a specific business objective (Laudon & Laudon, 2011). In this scenario, the implementation of a new customer relationship manager (CRM) system is by that definition, a project. Within the confines of the project will exist functional and non-functional requirements. Each will be defined using five variables; scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. The primary challenge in managing a project is in achieving the predetermined milestones while considering all aspects of the objectives. This paper will delve into the considerations of business value and the decisions in selecting projects that deliver such as well as the factors that influence risk within a project.

These factors are important to organizations that intend to implement new software systems, and through due diligence and discovery realize the framework incapable of hosting said software. Any update deserves the attention of a project management team which evaluates and determines the most appropriate path to implementation.

The first of five variables to effective project management is scope, or a clear definition of what is and perhaps more important, what is not part of a project. The project management team defines the scope of the project by determining the work to be successfully completed. In this particular instance, the scope would include functional requirements such as minimum software version control, hardware specifications to enable the adequate installation and production use of the software. It should also include test cases, calculations, data integration,