The hardy boys No. 87 Dead Man in Deadwood Franklin W.Dixon

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What starts out to be a nice relaxing vacation into the outskirts of South Dakota, once again turns into a mystery and adventure for the Hardy's making new friends and enemies. They are driving up to a caravan park when a loud maniac driver nearly runs them off the road, despite this they continue up to the caravan area interrupts them. Up there they notice a woman of Indian descent, panning for Gold, then a park ranger chases her. Later on in the story the Hardy's learn why she was panning for Gold. Only after everything has come clear to them whats happening in this Town they can take action. A deal made hundreds of years ago, said that after 100 years if no valuable minerals are found, then the Indians get there land back. It's nearly been 100 years but the Mayor of the town doesn't want to give the land back.

He bribes the Indians for millions of dollars but why? The Hardy's find out why and save the Indians from Loosing Millions of Dollars themselves.

This book is has many interesting parts, in fact the book as a whole is interesting and if you're into mystery and detective work then this is the book for you. The book reveals each part of the mystery in interesting ways, ways that you probably would never have thought of.