Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Author: J.K. Rowling Type of the book: fantasy story, especially for children but not only The book was first published in Great Britain in 1997. The Edition I read was published in 2000 Main Topics: The book deals with friendships, dreams, adventures; Setting: The Story take place in England (home of J.K. Rowling), anytime could be possible Maincaracters: Harry Potter: a brave and loveable boy Friends of H.P.: Hermine, Ron and Neville - they support Harry all the time, They are also very brave Hagrid: a giant man (Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, he is a little bit simple minded but very kind and friendly, during the story he becomes also a friend of harry Voldemort: a evil wizard. He killed his parents and he still wants to kill him too Prof. Quirrel: Teacher at Hogwarts. Voldemort shares his body Dursleys: Harrys only relatives but they are muggles, that means they cannot do any magic Summery: The story is about Harry Potter who thinks he is a ordinary boy until his 11th birthday and a magical stone (Philosopher's Stone).

He is rescued by a giant of man (hagid).

Hagrid tells him the true story how his parents had died.

They weren't killed in a car accident as his aunt and uncle have always maintained. Harrys parents were killed by an evil wizard (Voldemort) But Voldemort power was destroyed when he attemted to kill Harry He left his relatives (durleys) and he enrols at Hogwart school of witchcraft and wizadry, he learns to use magic and to play Quichdditch.

At Hogwards, Harry makes friends (Hermine, Rom Neville) and enemies as he struggles through his first year. He discovers magic and how to manage with.

During the year his magic improve and Harry...