Harry Potter: Savior of Reading or Bane to Christianity?

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Harry Potter: Savior of Reading or Bane to Christianity?

Harry Potter is not of the devil, and J. K. Rowling is not trying to peddle Satanism to children. If I go outside, pick up a stick, chant "Lumos", will the tip light up? No, in fact it will just make me look like stupid; however, if I take the same stick, chant "Lumos" and light the end with a lighter, will it light up? Of course it will, but that's because I lit it on fire, not because I chanted a silly word an author made up.

The idea for Harry Potter did not come from months of brainstorming, in fact it happened instantly and unexpectedly on a train ride. "All of a sudden the idea for Harry just appeared in my mindís eye. I canít tell you why or what triggered it." (McGinty) This is one of the main reasons why many Christians say that Harry Potter is born of the devil.

"Ideas don't instantly form in one's mind." I overheard someone saying, "She wouldn't have had that clear of an idea of him in her head like that, it just doesn't happen." It does happen like that all the time however; it's called an epiphany. Which is what Rowling had. Many other writers receive inspiration in the same way; in fact for most writers it is pure torture to sit and brainstorm for long hours to get started on a story. Brainstorming is needed of course once you actually have the idea; Rowling herself said that once she saw Harry she just had to sit down and figure out who he was, she simply had know his story.

Another common argument against the books is the fact that Rowling "... has been declared a witch." (www.geocities.com/godluvsusoshea/antiharrypotter.html) Statements such...